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For Thompson Center high power handguns.

Designed and made by Denzel Roberts.

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Recoil Tamer Grips are designed to reduce felt impact in the shooter's hand by making maximum area contact with the hand, and to improve accuracy by maintaining the same grip position every shot.

Handgun manufacturers do an excellent job of producing grips that everyone can use but mass marketing prevents hand fitting grips for individual shooters. The result is a universal gun handle instead of a comfortable, accurat grip. Universal factory handles make it difficult to hold the same grip for each shot. They concentrate recoil impact to certain small areas of the hand resulting in a stinging impact with each shot and the possibility of skinned fingers or bruised hands after several shots.

Hand fitting grips are irrelevant in shooting low recoil pistols but are critical with the new wave of high power handguns. Well designed user friendly grips can mean the difference of some people enjoying shooting activities, or finding themselves unable to tolerate the severe recoil of the hand cannon they so blissfully bought.

Recoil Tamer Grips are designed to fill the hand and to make as much skin contact as possible. The idea is to distribute the foot/pounds of recoil energy delivered to the hand over a greater area than the factory handle, thereby significantly reducing the felt impact in the hand. They do not reduce generated recoil energy. What they do is spread recoil energy over more skin surface which reduces impact concentration. For example: Fifteen foot/pounds of energy impacting six square inches of surface is exponentially lighter per square inch than fifteen foot/pounds impacting four square inches.

A second common function is helping the shooter hold the same sighting grip shot after shot without the distraction of extra effort to do so. For that reason the handgun grips have protrusions, thumb rests, and finger guards standard grips do not have. Also, the hand is positioned a little lower in relation to the trigger than standard grips. This relieves the stress of having to reach downward to the trigger.

Recoil Tamer grips are individually made by hand with the aid of appropriate power tools. They are all basically shaped the same to my personal trial and error developed and standardized patterns but each grip has its own finished distinctive features--or individual characteristics.

I specialize in Thompson Center Contender or Encore grips/stocks made of standard grade Walnut, Maple, Red Oak, died Birch thin laminate, or natural Walnut/Maple thick laminate wood. My main concern is practical function with attractive appearance, and economy. Popular trends or stylishness is secondary.

Note on Encore grip sets: I have a factory standard 15" Encore tapered barrel to use for fitting handgun forends. I am set up to machine cut forend grooves for Contender barrels, so they are quick and easy, but I have to charge more for Encore forends because they have a complex, progressive taper and have to be hand cut and fitted the old fashioned way.